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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Civil War

My history teacher wants us to write a blog about our theme as it regards to the Civil War and the Reconstruction period after. So by the time of the war, the North was so much more populated because of immigrants that they greatly outnumbered the south. While many people disregard immigration during the Civil War period, it was actually a very important part of the War and the Reconstruction period after. But almost none of them went to the south, because it was much harder to find jobs with so much unpaid slave labor. It wasn't necessarily the time during the War, but before the war, so many people had immigrated into the country that 13% of the country was made up of immigrants. Also the North was able to create much more weaponry because they had a lot more workers in factories while all the south's workers were working on plantations. I agree with this article because it makes sense that all the immigrants would not ant to go south because they would not have been able to fin jobs down there.

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  1. I agree that the immigrants stayed north to find work.